Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where Fuzz meets Feathers

If there was ever incentive to build the chicken coop, the chicks gave me sufficient reasons this week.  It is their way of telling me they are ready to move out of the house and onto their independent lives.  (Is this what it feels like when children leave for college?) As the chicks are going through their awkward stage of patches of feathers and fur, their little fuzz is floating all over the office.  They are also ambitious aviators now, and I often find them perched on top of the feeder or waterer (see pic below).  Biggest reason it is time for them to move outside? They are pooping everywhere, including on top of their waterer (more evidence of their flight), and even on my desk during socialization time (gross!).  They are chirping louder and more often, and are growing up so fast! (I wonder if my clients and colleagues on conference calls can here the chirping in the background...).  Anyway, it is time for the ladies to move outside, which means:  Chicken Coop building this weekend!

Here are their two-week old pics:

Duchess is starting to looks like a leopard!

Black Bird - once so exotic, now a pooping, patchy monster

This is my most adventurous, and also the poop culprit.  Her feathers make me think that maybe she is the Blue Splash Maran (Don't worry, I have an email out to to identify the chicks. Yes, they probably think I'm nuts.)

See her on top of the feeder!

And this is what she left me on the waterer!

The Blonde bitch is almost all white with feathers.  It looks like she will be gorgeous, but she is the most disgusting-looking right now!

Hey there cutie!

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