Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coop Building Phase II

Phase II - Skin the walls, add the roof, and cut holes for the door, ramp, and nesting boxes. Not much excitement here, just had to put the work in.  

Also, notice the sweatband Dan is rocking in these photos. We won that as a prize for being trivia night CHAMPIONS at Eagle Rock Brewery. (I couldn't resist mentioning it here, it was my first trivia night victory ever - so exciting!)

*Disclaimer - these pictures really make it seem like Dan did all the work.  While he is wonderful and happily donated his newly discovered handyman skills, I also helped construct this little chicken mansion. (Does bringing cold beers count? I kid... I give back rubs too).  


Adding the Wall Frames

Mounting the Wall Frames

Cutting the Wall Skins

Adding the Slanted Roof

We cut two 12x12 inch holes in the back for the nesting/thief box

All the skins are up. 

Final touch this day was the ramp! The chickens will use this to greet the morning and to go home at night to roost. So excited about this amenity.

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