Friday, November 16, 2012

Coop Building Phase III

Phase III:  The run, the amenities, and everything else. 

We added shingles to weather-proof the coop.  Then Dan and Scott dug trenches around the frame of the run, installed the posts, and added the hardcloth.  We ended up using hardcloth on the bottom and a plastic version of chicken wire on the roof to save money. We extended the hardcloth under the bottom of the coop so that the chickens could forage underneath the coop too.  We attached the two nesting boxes and a thief door, and a spring-loaded hook and eye latch.  We added two roosting poles inside the coop perpendicular from each other, one about a foot off of the floor and one about three feet off the floor. The ramp was given wooden slats to prevent the chickens sliding down from the ramp.  Finally, we add the straw as litter in the run, coffee chaff and pine shavings as litter in the coop, and the door and latch.  And (finally!) their new home is complete!

Dan and Scott installing shingles

The posts for the run after Dan and Scott spent the morning digging out a trench

Eddy thinks we are building a dog house!

Nesting box

Thief Door

Finished Product! 

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