Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hipster Coffee becomes Hip Chick Litter

I'll admit it, I am obsessed with over-priced coffee served by snooty hipsters in hats that were in style over 50 years ago.  I can't help it, it is just so good. I don't care that it sometimes takes over ten minutes to serve me the perfect cup of necessity.  (I sometimes care).  And I don't care that it sometimes costs over $5 a cup.  (I really should care).  This little moment of pleasure is an intoxicating break in my otherwise corporate-focused existence. 

So when I received an update for the LA Urban Chicken Enthusiasts meetup group that a "roaster" in Glassel Park was giving away free Coffee grinds, chaff, and burlap bags, my heart skipped a gazillion beats.  For multiple reasons.  Again, I live in the hippest neighborhood in America, at least according to some ratings, and nothing is hipper than (1) participating in an upcycling program (2) with a local (3) roaster (4) for a coffee "label" (5) that is served by hipsters (6) in hipster hats.  Since I'm raising hip chicks, I knew this was fate. 

For those of you who are Intelligentsia fiends, by now you have guessed the roaster.  Now, as a self-proclaimed coffee snob, I'm not the world's biggest fan of Intelleigentsia Coffee.  I must disclose, however, that when Dan and I were looking for houses and saw the MLS listing for our place claiming it was "walking distance to Intelligentsia Coffee," we immediately booked a viewing.  (Probably not the best way to search for your first home, but hey, it worked for us).  And in full disclosure, I do the one block walk to Intelligentsia almost daily.  (I'm actually drinking a cup as I write this blog - shameless, I know). So I clearly have a positive affinity for the hipster coffee brand, and because Dan loves all things free and cheap, I called my even-more-coffee-obsessed friend Pat and headed over to Glassel Park.

It turns out that coffee chaff is light and fluffy and works well for chicken litter.  I had previously been using pine shavings, but the chaff works in the coop because their food and water are kept seperate in the run and won't suffer from chaff debris. And the best part is that the whole coop will smell like coffee, or at least at first . . .

Upon arriving in Glassel Park, we were greeted by Juliet, who posted the advertisement and who, oddly, my friend Pat knew from a DC coffee shop 5 years ago. (I told you he was more obsessed).  She offerred us unlimited amounts of coffee chaff and burlap bags, and we gladly divulged.  She also gave me her contact info for when I run out of chaff, and so began a "formalized" local-coffee-roaster-to-urban-chicken-farmer upcycling program.

Intelligentsia Roastery in Glassel Park

The MINI stuffed full with free swag

Coffee Chaff for the chicks and Burlap Bags for me

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