Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Ladies Move To The Hen House

While Dan and I were away last weekend celebrating his birthday in Santa Barbara, Scott finished the final touches on the coop and run (nesting box roof, door to the run, and covering some holes with hard cloth).  So, on the chicken's 6th week-old birthday, we decided to move the chickens outside to their newly finished coop. The weather was forecasted to drop to around 50 degrees, and I was confidant that the fully feathered chicks could handle it. We blocked their coop door so that they wouldn't wander into the cold at night without being able to find their way back. In doing so, we created conditions similar to their brooder box but just a little bigger. It was a bit stressful worrying whether the coop would adequately protect the chickens from local predators such as racoons, but all 4 were happily accounted for in the morning!

Woodstock was the first to go into the brooder box from their mailing box, so it was only appropriate that she was the first in the coop.

Woodstock moving over

Vivian taking the plunge.

Dan insisted on moving Duchess into the coop himself.

All four chickens happily exploring away!

Charlotte's first perch!

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